About us

Let Us Tell You Our Story

VJ EXPORT is established to create an effective and well-organized bridge between Indian farmers / manufacturers and buyers across the world seeking quality produce. Products are procured directly from farmers without middlemen so that we can be able to provide competitive prices for our products without compromising quality.

Having several centres of supply and distribution throughout India, 'Vjexport’ expanded as an exporting company, with the motto of quality products supply and has been growing tremendously in size and the range of its products.

We deal in wide variety of products and primarily focussed on supplying quality produce:

  • - Fruits and Vegetables : Mango, Papaya, Grapes, Pomegranates, Onion, Pumpkin, Tomato.
  • - Spices : Black pepper, Red Chilli, Cardamom, Clove, Turmeric, Ginger, cumin and coriander.
  • - Coconut products : Tender coconut, Semi Husked Coconuts & Fully Husked Coconuts, Coconut Copra, Coco peat and Coir pith.
  • - Rice : Non-basmati and Basmati rice
  • - Eco – Green products : Areca leaf plates and cups.

We aim to serve our customers efficiently, competently and knowledgeably. We supply products which comply with legal requirement of various importing countries such as US, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA to name a few.

We realise that no two customer or Country are alike and want to offer you solutions that fit your precise requirements.

  • Our efforts are promoted by our commitment towards product quality.
  • Our main priority is serving our global customers with the service they expect.
  • Our customers expect high standards and we strive to persistently satisfy their demands with the highest standard of client service.
  • We recommend that our product sample shall be verified and tested by customers before it is ordered.


To promote high quality Indian products to all over the world with quality conforming all prevailing food regulations.

  • • Quality focus business – Meeting global food quality in order to provide quality products to customers.
  • • To become trustworthy partner to our customer.
  • • Wide range of dependable products.


Good health is the most valued possession you could possibly have, therefore providing quality product for healthy living is not our job but it’s our purpose in life.

VJ farmfresh

- An initiative towards healthy living

VJ farmfresh - An initiative, wherein our own organic farms in India, the produce of which, we intend to sell directly to customers. We ensure efficient agricultural practice from various production stages: Farming, Processing, Packaging and logistics. In the same way, we extended our approach by establishing network of farmers.

To have an integrated approach from farm to customer, ensuring the overall system or process remains transparent and efficient to the customer.

In a nutshell, VJ farm fresh is all about connection and partnership with farmers and customer.

  • Establishing networks of farmers and sourcing their produce by making efficient supply chain process to ensure fresh produce from the farm is delivered to buyer / customer within shortest period with quality.
  • Through our VJ farmfresh approach, we strive to supply fresh Fruits and Vegetables grown in farms. The produce from farms are fresh, tasty and healthy but not frozen or canned.

As a Vjexport - manufacture & trading company, according to the requirement of customer, we also source products in different part of region and provide to our customers.